Top 5 Web Development Frameworks in 2022

What will the top 5 web development frameworks be in 2022? A question that many people are asking now but no one knows the answer to. That’s where I come in with my crystal ball to predict the future and bring you the top 5 web development frameworks in 2022…


The React library is a development framework for building user interfaces. It’s currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, and it's expected to retain its spot for at least a few more years. The React library was created by Facebook and Instagram engineers who had grown dissatisfied with other frameworks that slowed down their work. Today, many businesses use React to create high-performance web applications because it’s easy to learn and exceptionally powerful. Some examples of big brands using React include Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, and Yahoo!. If you're interested in using React but aren't sure where to start, take a look at these resources


The Angular framework is one of Google’s most popular tools for web development. It has grown increasingly popular since its release in 2010, and developers from around the world continue to use it for complex projects. In addition to Google, Facebook developed a framework based on Angular, which will likely make Angular more popular than ever. As long as it stays open source and maintains its popularity among social media giants like Facebook and Google, it will continue to be one of Web Development’s leading frameworks.


Python is one of those languages that have a number of frameworks available. In recent years, Django is probably considered to be the most popular, as it offers many features such as ease of use, ORM capabilities, and more. It also has a wide array of third-party modules that can help with various projects. With all these benefits, there’s no wonder why Django is so popular among Python developers in 2019—especially since it’s open-source and completely free to use.


This framework is designed to make it easy for developers to create functional websites that are backed by secure code. If you want to learn how to use Laravel, you can take advantage of their resources and training materials, or hire a freelancer who is an expert at Laravel. Either way, both options could help you set up your website quickly without sacrificing security. The current version of Laravel (version 5) has been heavily reworked with a renewed focus on performance, user experience, and stability. If you’re looking for a strong platform with solid documentation, then Laravel is an excellent choice.


Frontend frameworks are becoming more and more popular. As one of the most recently developed frontend frameworks, Vue has grown rapidly and is now used by many companies including Alibaba, BMW, GitLab, Xiaomi, WeChat, and more. Vue’s flexibility allows it to be applied to websites of all sizes from small sites like Skeleton CMS to large sites like Alibaba. The support for server-side rendering can also help increase SEO ranking.

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