What are the things Beginner coders must do?

If you are a Beginner coder just starting to learn how to code, there are some things you should do as often as possible to help keep yourself on track and motivated. Here are 5 things that I personally think every Beginner coder must do!…

Stick to one Language

When you’re first learning to code, it’s best to stick with one language. Spending your time and energy learning two languages at once will slow you down and make it harder for you to remember what you’ve learned in each language. If your goal is to learn how to build basic web pages, stay away from difficult, advanced programming languages like Lisp or Haskell. Instead, try HTML or CSS; if you want to become a full-stack developer—someone who builds complete websites from back-end databases up—you can always learn more languages later on.

Ask for Help

If you’re a beginner coder and you’re trying to figure out how to get your first coding job, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Once you know more about what others in your industry are doing and how they got there, you can work toward achieving similar goals. Professional networking is incredibly important, so if no one at work is able to point you in the right direction, take advantage of LinkedIn and other social media outlets.

Data Structure and Algorithms

Data structure and algorithm design are a pretty big deal in computer science. And it’s important for programmers to know about these things when writing code because well-designed data structures can make processes run faster and more efficiently (hint: well-designed means you know what data to include, how to organize it, etc.). In other words, there’s a huge gap between knowing your coding basics and actually understanding how your code works under pressure. 

The best way to close that gap is through practice—and through learning as much about algorithms and data structures as possible. Even if you don’t understand everything on day one (in fact, most people don’t), it will come with time.


The only thing beginners need to know is what their role will be. They must analyze their area of expertise and identify how it fits into an organization's objectives. They also need to make sure they are aware of any synergies within their profession, as they can't be experts in every field but should have a general knowledge of related fields so they can help others better understand their area of expertise. 

If a beginner coder has trouble finding answers, then it might be a good idea to recruit a mentor who already knows what he or she is doing; he or she can walk you through each step and ensure you get started on your way to becoming a professional coder quickly and effectively.

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