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Technologies based on the Internet of Things are becoming an integral part of our lives. All implemented technologies help to more efficiently manage all available resources and optimize their use.

Taking into account that as of late the subject of environmental change has been raised to an ever increasing extent and then some and more individuals, it is currently more significant than any other time that activities emerge that are pointed toward tidying up the climate through advancements, items, and elective energy arrangements. As the number of inhabitants in Asia (and the world) is developing and has generally slacked contrasted with different locales, such new companies in the area should acquire acknowledgment. Consider that new businesses dependent on the Internet of Things are becoming famous. They help to all the more productively deal with every accessible asset and streamline their utilization. 

Why IoT Sustainable Startups

With 4.6 billion people in Asia, of whom 1.8 billion lack access to safe drinking water and 940 million lack access to electricity, the development of sustainable startups should open up opportunities for a cleaner future.

Examples of Sustainable IoT Startups


Developed by combining AI and IoT capabilities to help buildings reduce energy costs by automatically controlling HVAC devices based on changing environmental conditions and real-time comfort assessments. As a result, this leads to less energy consumption with an optimal level of comfort and a significant reduction in environmental impact.

TransferFi Pte Ltd

The startup is building the world's first secure and efficient long-range wireless power network (WPN). It will be used to power Industry 4.0 sensors to simplify wiring and high power applications that will provide easy access to major energy sources such as remote renewable energy sources and power transmission for space technology. TransferFi's vision is to provide wireless access to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


This startup is developing environmentally friendly storage batteries for all vehicles and energy storage. Their mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy by combining hardware and artificial intelligence to deliver sustainable batteries through the new Battery as a Service model.

The third wave of power

It is a Singapore-based startup that aims to "help people around the world create portable energy solutions." Their renewable energy is useful for fieldwork, emergencies and outdoors. Their unique advantage is that they combine solar power and IoT technologies to provide self-sustaining power, and also integrate solar panels, IoT and sensor solutions to further develop smart green cities.

RenGlobe Tech Solutions

The startup helps reduce waste through energy efficiency and waste management through technologies like IoT and AI. It connects and manages systems over the Internet to optimize devices to the next level, making it easy for customers to manage multiple devices at the same time from a single dashboard. Through its IoT solutions, the company aims to save energy and money to improve the environment.


At this time, startups in the field of the Internet of Things both in Asia and around the world, in particular, are aimed at preserving and optimizing the earth's resources. Each of the startups mentioned above focuses on conserving land resources and finding alternative power sources. The Internet of Things is becoming a popular area and, accordingly, an attractive investment. Not only private entrepreneurs, but the governments of the countries are investing in the development of technologies aimed at protecting the environment.
It is important to understand that the Internet of Things is not the future, but the present.


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