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We spend a lot of time messaging, talking and browsing the Internet on our Smartphone, which usually means Smartphone contain our personal information.

With talk of security issues with smart phones gaining pace, there’s never been a better time to build consciousness of the ways you may be putting your information at danger. Present day advances to mobiles imply that there’s significantly more in question than losing contacts and instant messages if a Smartphone is lost or stolen, and regardless of the possibility that you don’t utilize a telephone to get to the web or store delicate information, you could in any case be at danger if not appropriately secured.

Considering the significance of the information and its security, the accompanying tips are introduced to keep this data safe on these gadgets.

Screen lock the phone

A screen lock is intended to help to secure your own data and keep others from utilizing your cell phone without your express consent.

Most modern Smartphone platforms make simple for you to put a secret key setup that keeps unapproved individuals from getting to your gadget when the screen is locked. The password can be a pattern or numeric code. Try avoiding common codes like 1234 which is easily


Back up your data

Finding that a Smartphone has been lost or stolen is sufficiently terrible, however notwithstanding when reducing the potential harm
that should be possible by critical information getting into the wrong hands, important archives, contacts, messages, appointments and
other data could take quite a while to replace. Regular backups are the key to minimize the loss and there are various approaches to go about it.


Many devices support the use of a personal identification number (PIN) to lock your SIM card. Setting the SIM PIN may help to keep
individuals from getting to your cell voice or versatile mobile data without approval. That will help keep a hoodlum running up your telephone bill after he or she has stolen it.

Security applications

There are various applications accessible that will remotely track, lock and/or delete individual data on your Smartphone. By installing these apps, in the occasion your Smartphone is stolen or lost, your own data will be secured. A remote wipe app would permit you to just turn on the PC, access your remote wipe settings by means of a web program, and get to your Smartphone return the cell phone to its factory settings, totally erasing all data related to you.

Check your permissions

Before you install an android app, it will ask you to first authorize a long list of permissions. Rather than sparkling over it in a hurry to install the app, check the entire list. If you notice something that doesn’t seem to make sense, don’t install the app. It’s a smart thought to abstain from giving applications access to your contact book, current location or other individual information unless it’s truly vital.

Stick to approved apps

It’s easy to install apps from sources on the android phone other than Google’s own app store. But unapproved apps can be a security threat, which may introduce harmful malware onto your device.

Install an anti-virus

Malicious software can quickly cause sensitive data to become compromised or lost. While using an Android Smartphone make sure to be loading it with an antivirusUse free public Wi-Fi with caution:

Free Wi-Fi Zone

Utilizing free open Wi-Fi isn’t as secure as you may think. It isn’t troublesome for those lounging around you to utilize hacking programming and take after each move you make on your PC or other Smartphone as you utilize public Wi-Fi. You can wait until you’re on
a protected network to sign into your banking transactions, email, or social community.

Be Aware of your surroundings

Know your surroundings and be conscious of your cell phone use conduct. Like your handbag or wallet, it’s best to not to leave your Smartphone unattended and create an opportunity for a thief to steal it.

Turn Off GPS, Bluetooth & Wireless

When you aren’t utilizing the GPS, Bluetooth and remote elements of your cell phone, you ought to consider impairing them. Not just are they always depleting your battery, they can be the potential path for a malware to hit your phone.

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