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As a major construction project develops, a worksite becomes a cluttered mess. Considerable workers are moving in every demand, and the noise pollution independently can drive you crazy. They are tracking the colour of hardhats to know who runs what team can get confusing if a system is in place. And failed in the fray of it all is the residents who have the blueprints in hand & are attempting to make sure everything is being done correctly. Everyone’s nerves are a little fried.

However, maintain in mind that this is only the start of the project. Anyone who works at job sites understands that there are many other engineering mechanical issues to worry about it. Some can prove to be annoying and cause delays in progress. Others, unfortunately, can put lives on the line. With such a wide swing of consequences at play, project planning is a 24-hour gig on which personnel are on call almost all the time.

While every job site is different, many of them share similar engineering & mechanical worries throughout the project planning process and its execution.

Some of the biggest zones of concern include:

Physical Stability of a Site

  • When erecting any size building or even setting up a safe worksite, a safe & stable site has to be established. 
  • It is the foundation of everything that is to come & if it is compromised, there is no telling what catastrophic problems may occur.

Environmental Remediation

  • A high list of the modern worksite is how the surrounding area will be returned to ‘normal’ if there has been any contamination of the soil and water. 
  • Depending on the type & scope of the project, the amount of contamination may be at a scale that will require tremendous efforts in remediation to meet & exceed local, state, and federal standards. 
  • However, this will mean greater expense and changes to project timelines.

Design Confusion

  • Everything may look fine on paper, but that doesn’t mean everyone is on the same page. 
  • A major project will have multiple teams working together. However, they all need to understand the design aspects, the real-world implications of the designs & how feasible they are versus how ‘cool’ they seem.

Timeline & Budget

  • No one wants to work on a clock or off a predetermined bankroll, but such is life in big business. 
  • There will be multiple times when engineering & mechanical design elements will be wrangled in & need changing because they are not feasible based on money or time. 
  • The challenge is finding a solution that does not compromise project integrity.

Getting Info Across Multiple Teams

  • Having too many cooks in one kitchen never helps. Major construction sites need to be well-oiled machines working seamlessly, with all teams aware of where others are in their processes. 
  • A shortage of contact will lead to errors & possible disastrous results.

Design Changes

  • Engineering & mechanical designs are based on precise mathematics put into real-life situations. 
  • The results are such that the final design is a thing of beauty. 
  • That is until the client chooses to change the plan at the last minute or even midway through the build for one reason or another.
  • The challenge at a point is seeing how well the change can be incorporated into the once final design or how a compromise can be had between. The client now wants, what they once enjoyed, and what is most feasible to be had without chucking the whole thing out.

Finally, when it comes to engineering mechanical design solutions for a major project before it starts, the toughest thing to do is get everyone to think ahead. Any new project will likely be using technology to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced world. However, technology changes just about every day, which means that companies & the physical spaces they occupy need to be able to adapt & update with the changing times to keep up. Designing a physical space that incorporates today’s technology but can also be ready to welcome changes down the road is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

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