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We look at why content isn't just website traffic but represents so much more to brands and startups. We focus on five explanations why it matters.

I will guess everyone reading this has listened to content marketing and why they should use it. Every trademark is getting into it and supporting quite a lot. Just glance at Grab and their motivation into custom content.

However, when we think about the advantages of content marketing, we consistently seem to concentrate on traffic generation. There's so considerably better than that to content dealing we sometimes overlook.

We cannot negate the importance of web traffic for enterprises, but that's not the only explanation you should invest in great content. Here are five different ways you can satisfy as a startup.

It supports social media.

Every single trademark has some form of social presence. Even your community ice cream guy power has a Facebook page. So when you deliver your content, let's not sit idly by for organic traffic and be bold – post it on social media, promote conversation and try to drive shares.

Brands often drive a significant amount of relevant traffic to their website by employing people on social media. This is complimentary (most of the time) and a straightforward way to engage conceivable consumers and drive them to your website.

Let's face it. Your website would suck with rotten content

A static webpage presenting your product can only do so much. It doesn't cause a lot of traffic, and those who do see your website have no excuse to come back – ever. Suppose that same static website with one tiny difference – regular amazing content being counted to the website regularly.

Take Tech Collective as an illustration. Their article near the unbanked youth in Southeast Asia pushing adoption of AI banking might not have high-volume keywords, but it is why they have a very high rate of return readers every day. 

The website evolves more engaging and gives a reason for a visitor to return to your brand.

Great content entertains people way more useful.

One of the notable frustrating characteristics of content marketing is the insistence on pushing backlinks and stirring out SEO content to drive your page rank. This causes traffic, but what else does it do. Accomplish visitors to your carrier sense like you've added value?

If you report something truly impactful that readers feel added value to their lives, they will transfer it on their social media channels, engage with you via that post, and even become advocates for the brand. This will boost your credibility while pushing traffic to the website.

Travel platform Travel Wanderlust is a great illustration of this, as they have an entire faction committed to their global expedition community. They concentrate on great reports and insights from real people within their neighbourhood.

While your digital marketer may conflict with this approach, it is far more useful than having a lot of high SEO content without concentrating on adding value.

Brands can get bold with their scope.

Let's not destroy the opportunity to leverage an essay for all its juice. Most visitors transmit out hundreds of emails a day. Why not add a few more links to your content and share it with your network of potential customers.

I would click on and read an email from someone in my network sharing a report they wrote from personal knowledge. It allows me to assess them as a contact and see if there's anything relevant to my brand and me.

A great illustration of this is Dia Guild's work on social media, using their unique and brand Instagram accounts to engage and catch new customers. They comprehend how to leverage their existing network and the power of their brand for the company's good.

It allows your brand to tell a story.

Every brand requires a story because your customer, employees and investors ought to believe in your enterprise to be part of your journey. Any company wants to have someone else own their story, whether the press or people talking negatively about the brand on social media.

Via compelling content marketing, you are spreading the foundations of owning your own brand story in the future. You control your brand's history, which is important as your scale.

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