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Download Free NihLink Safelink Blogger Template v2.6.5

NihLink Safelink Template Blogger Free Download 2.6.5 is a Premium Blogger Templates.

NihLink Safelink Premium Blogger Template includes a speedy and responsive downloading theme with a timer. NihLink Safelink Blogger Template has the same premium features as WP Safe link Plugin for WordPress, but the most useful thing is that it comes in Blogger. It is a fantastic script that is simple to use, and it uses Bootstrap, CryptoJS (AES) etc.

NihLink Safelink Premium Template Features

  • Timer Countdown
  • Encrypt URL
  • Sticky Ads
  • Unlock With Password

How To Make a Safelink Page / Article using Blogger?

  1. On HTML Section
  2. Just Put <div id=’output’></div>
  3. Or You Can Set The ID On Setting Section
url: "", //blog url, if it is empty it will automatically use the blog url (don't add a slash at the end of the url)
page: "p/page.html", // url safelink page / safelink article
output: "#output", // place the output link, use the id attribute
fixednavbar: true, // please change to true / false if you want the Navbar to float
countdown: true, // please change to true / false if you want safelink page with countdown
timedown: 10, // countdown start
lang: {
  urlempty: "URL can not be empty",
  convertsuccess: "Convert URL success, copy url on box below",
  validtext: "HTTP, HTTPS, or WWW",
  gourltext: "Click here to go",
  nourl: "No URl here",
  errorconvert: "URL can not to convert",
  emptypass: "Password can not be empty",
  wrongpass: "Password is incorrect",
  countdowntext: "Please Wait {{anascountdown}} Second";

Demo of Template

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