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Download SEOPro Premium Blogger Template for Free. SEOPro Blogger Template is the best blogger template for an educational blogging website.

SeoPro Premium Blogger Template is a free and premium [fremium], experienced user interface, and a customisable blogger theme.

SEOPro Blogger Template is an exact SEO optimised and speedy blogger template. It is very straightforward to set up and has unique features that do not need editing of any line of code, which means it has pre-installed shortcodes, which assist in doing on-page SEO efficiently. 

The premium performance of SEOPro Blogger Template has pre-installed shortcodes, which assist in inserting 'Table of Contents, 'Download' button,' Demo' button, 'Codebox', 'Preview' button, 'Cart' button, 'Link' button, etc. switches in the writing post. You can easily insert 'Alert Boxes', 'Contact Form' and 'Responsive Tables' in the article using Post Shortcodes. 

You do not require to edit any HTML selection of the theme. Just use the shortcodes, and the rest of the work will be automatically done by the SEOPro Premium Blogger Template's Advanced Features.

SEOPro Blogger Template is the only fully SEO optimised progressive and most instantaneous blogger template of its type discovered on the Internet because it has even more progressive components than the blogger templates like

  • Antonia SEO
  • Magnify
  • Bayna Fast
  • N Light
  • Invert Responsive
  • Simplify
  • Simplify 2
  • FlatBlog
  • SEOify
  • Sora SEO
  • Sora SEO 2
  • Evently
  • Cyber
  • MSD
  • JagoMag etc. 

It has an incredibly responsive layout for mobile (android+Mac), laptops, and PC devices. The most significant factor that makes SEOPro Premium Blogger Template special among other templates is the advanced post shortcodes features function and the fastest speed. It is also Adsense friendly, so you can easily customise your ads and monetise your blog.

Why should you choose SEOPro Premium Blogger Template for your blogging career?

Well, we have done research in finding the best template for our website for about three months. For the study, we have visited the official website of the blogger template developers such as Templateify, SoraTemplates, Templatesyard, ThemeXpose, TemplateMark, ArlinaDesign, IdnTheme, IdBlanter, VeeThemes and blogger templates distributors such as GooyaabiTemplates. 

In the research, we have focused mainly on five features: Stylish Design, Responsive Design in both Mobile and PC (Personal Computer), Faster in Google PageSpeed Insights in both Mobile and PC Breadcrumbs in and Shortcodes Feature Function. At last, we chose SEOPro Blogger Template for our blogging career because it fulfils all our needs and provides more features than we were expecting.

Unique Features of SEOPro Premium Blogger Template

100% Responsive Design

SEOPro Blogger Template is fully responsive in mobile, tablet and PC. It doesn't matter whether you are using mobile or PC. Whether using large resolution images or small resolution images in your blog post, you shouldn't take any tension because the SEOPro Blogger Template's advanced responsiveness feature will handle all these things.

Auto Translated

If you don't have adequate knowledge of English, Hindi, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or any other language and if you want to write your blog in any of these languages. You can write your blog in your local language and select the language you wish to publish by selecting Blogger Language Setting. This blogger template will automatically translate your blog into your desired language.

RTL Supported

If your born language is Arabic or your native language is written from right to left, you can easily write your blog and show it to your visitors in your native language style with the help of the RTL Support feature.

Beautiful Arabic Font

You can choose stylish styles from the customising menu, including beautiful Arabic font.

To customise font, follow the steps:

1. Go to the 'Theme' section.

2. Click on the 'Customize' button.

3. Click on the 'Font' option from the menu.

4. Customize the font according to your need.

One-Click Dark Mode 

This blogger template has the awesome feature of one-click dark mode. If you are doing educational or tutorial blogging, the dark mode feature will help your visitors to protect their eyes from undesired light while reading your blog. It will result in the best user-friendly and user-friendly interface.

One-Click Left Sidebar

Whether visitors are using mobile or PC, if they visit your website in mobile and switch to desktop mode, the website will be shown like it is shown on PC, such as the article is shown on the left and sidebar is shown on the right. Note that the sidebar is on the right side by default. And the most important feature of this template is that you can move the sidebar from right to left, or you can make the full width of the article part by using the following shortcodes in your blog:

To move the sidebar from right to left:

1. Add the shortcode {leftSidebar} at the end of your blog post.

2. Select {leftSidebar} and make it bold.

To remove the sidebar to make full width:

1. Add the shortcode {fullWidth} at the end of your blog post.

2. Select {fullWidth} and make it bold.

One-Click Boxed Layout

You can easily switch the width of your blog webpage into full width or boxed version from the Layout section without any coding.

Awesome Ajax Mega Menu

Megamenu is a special type of menu in which articles are shown directly along with thumbnails when a computer mouse cursor touches the mega menu. This blogger template has a very modern mega menu feature.

Header Ads

You can show Google AdSense ads or any other ads at the top of the posts in the header section very easily with the help of this blogger template which will help your website gain high CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click through Rate).

AdSense (In-Feed ADS) on Homepage

You can show Google AdSense ads or any other ads between any two posts on the homepage very easily with the help of SEOPro Premium Blogger Template.

Post ADS 1 & 2 on Post Page

You can also show Google AdSense ads or any other ads before starting and after ending a particular article or post very easily without having knowledge of HTML or JavaScript from the 'Layout' section with the help of SEOPro Premium Blogger Template.  

Responsive Images

In this template, it doesn't matter which type of image you are using in your article (i.e. jpg, png, webp) or in which resolution you upload your image in your paper (i.e. 1280×720, 720×360, 480×360). It will become responsive both on mobile and PC.

Responsive YouTube Videos

In this template, if you insert any YouTube videos in your article, it will become responsive both on mobile and PC.

Advanced Author Box

This blogger template helps you create an advanced author box and author's social profile accounts.

Advanced Related Posts 

It has an advanced 'Related Posts' feature. If you use the same label or tag in any two posts and view any of the two posts, the other post will be automatically shown in the related posts section. It is called 'Advanced Related Posts' because you can control how many posts can be shown in the 'related posts' section according to your desire.

Blogger, Disqus and Facebook Comment System

The Blogger comment system is only available in the free version. But, in SEOPro Premium Blogger Template, you can use blogger, Disqus or Facebook comment system according to your desire.

Embed Video and Image in Comments Via Links.

You can embed videos and images in the comment along with the text with the help of the SEOPro Blogger Template.

Sidebar Post Widgets by (Label, Recent or Comments)

You can show your blog posts according to their label, recent date or recent comments in the sidebar.

Footer Ads

You can also show Google AdSense ads or any other ads at the bottom of the posts in the footer section very easily with the help of this blogger template.

Awesome About Section

This blogger template has the awesome 'About' section in the template's footer. You can write about your website's main aim and goal in the about section to attract your visitors.

Custom Footer Copyrights

You can change the footer copyright credit according to your desire in this blogger template without any redirection problem.

Footer Menu

You can also add a menu in the footer section of the template such as privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of service, sitemap, contact us, about us, etc.

Native Cookie Consent 

This blogger template's other most important feature is the 'Native Cookie Content' feature. It is a premium feature that you will rarely get in different templates. This feature will warn your visitors that your website will be showing ads. So they need to accept your website's terms of service to use your website. This feature is very helpful if your visitors are from European Union because there is GDPR (General Data Protection and Regulation) Act in the European Union, which legally suggests showing native cookie content. Suppose you are offering a third party or any other ads on your website. 

Post Shortcodes 

The most useful feature of the SEOPro Blogger Template is the 'Post Shortcodes' feature. With the help of Post Shortcodes, you can easily insert the 'Table of Contents, 'Preview' button, 'Download' button, 'Buy' button, 'Alert Boxes', 'Contact Form' and 'Codebox' in your blog post. Without knowing HTML, CSS or JavaScript or editing your templates. 

  • Adding extra HTML, CSS or JavaScript to your template can slow down your website. 
  • SEOPro Premium Blogger Template has been designed considering this type of issue. 
  • You don't need to add any HTML, CSS or JavaScript to your template. 
  • Everything will be handled by SEOPro Blogger Template's advanced post shortcodes feature.

Fast Loaded

SEOPro Premium Blogger Template is undoubtfully the advanced and the fastest blogger template of its type found on the Internet. You can use it for educational blogging, event blogging, or other microblogging websites. You have noticed that if you check the speed of a blogger template in Google Pagespeed Insights without implementing ads, you will get the faster speed results. But if you check the speed of the same blogger template in Google Pagespeed Insights after implementing ads, you will get the slow speed results. This type of problem is seen in low-quality blogger templates. SEOPro Blogger Template has been designed focusing on this type of problem. It is indeed the fastest without ads and faster with advertisements as compared to other templates found on the Internet.

SEO Optimized

SEOPro Premium Blogger Template is inbuilt SEO optimised, which helps rank your website faster in Google search results.

Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors and Fonts

You can easily customise this blogger template's background, widths, colours, and fonts according to your desire.

Social Share Feature

You can share your blog post with others on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, telegram, WhatsApp, Reddit, etc., by the social share feature of this blogger template.

Social Follow Counter

You can make your visitors follow you on different social media with the help of the social follow counter or follow us section. This template provides the beautiful and advanced 'Social Follow' Feature.

Follow by Email

This template has an advanced 'Follow by Email' feature. Your visitors can subscribe to your website directly by email with this gadget. Your visitor will automatically notify you by email with this feature's help whenever you publish a new post.

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