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As blockchain continues to evolve into a sector of its own, it gives birth to new job opportunities for people interested in learning more about technology. However, being a relatively nascent sector, there is not much documentation, support system, or guide on how one can jumpstart a career in blockchain. To improve your chances of getting work in the blockchain sector, here are some skills you'll want to learn and master.

Fundamentals of Blockchain

When talking about the underlying technology that drives cryptocurrency transactions and developments, one needs more than just knowing what Bitcoin is. You'll need to understand the fundamentals of blockchain, including what decentralisation means, how consensus within a network is achieved, what gas prices are, what protocols exist for networks to regulate themselves freely, and so on. Once you understand the fundamentals of blockchain, it'll be easier to understand how cryptocurrencies and new blockchains are created.

Broad Cross-Discipline Skills

Having strong cross-discipline skills allows you to foresee what your clients may need in the long term. You can use this skill set as a key differentiator to outshine competing for independent contractors or coworkers in your company. Some examples of cross-discipline skills include critical thinking, agility, DevOps, foresight, analytical skills, management skills, and leadership skills. These skills allow you to work on a broad range of projects within a company rather than be pigeonholed into smaller, less impactful projects.

Business & Tech Integrations

You can get a high-paying job in blockchain engineering or DevOps if you integrate business models with technology. Companies are only interested in adopting blockchain if it offers something beneficial, particularly increasing sales and revenues or reducing operating costs. However, a couple of business models with the necessary software and tools require considerable experience and know-how to execute successfully.

Distributed Ledger Knowledge

Distributed Ledger Knowledge may shock people, but the blockchain isn't the sole option for distributed ledgers at the moment. While blockchain is the only one that is predominantly decentralised, it is only one of the many types of distributed ledgers available. Having a solid foundation of what DLTs are, the different types available, and the pros and cons of each can be a marketable skill you can bring to the table when applying for a blockchain job. If a company or client wants to switch DLTs, you can be an invaluable team member to lead the transition.

Coding Mastery

Knowing different programming languages is a good way to get any tech-related job. But since you only have a limited amount of time and mental energy to devote to learning a programming language, it's best to stick with languages that are heavily used in blockchain technology. These include Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript. If you're an absolute newbie, you can start with smaller, less intimidating projects, such as a website that aggregates and updates cryptocurrency prices in real-time.

Getting a job within the fast-growing blockchain sector is about building your technical skills and adding more to your knowledge base. In addition, you'll want to develop your interpersonal skills, including communication and leadership abilities, to access more opportunities for work.

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