What are among the most profitable industries to work in as a data scientist? - Smashers Hub

Because there are improving capabilities of big data platforms, this has resulted in new opportunities within different industries. Below are four sectors (out of many) with operations shaped by big data.

Banking and finance: Real-time analytics are helping in, for example, helping combat financial frauds and predicting market disasters. Data science can be used in auditing to detect irregularities and manage customer data to lessen financial risks.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry, dealing with useless data and rising costs, suggests that data science seems to be an obvious rescue. It helps analyze large amounts of data and process records of past treatments. The effective use of technology also helps conduct predictive analysis, spot disease trends, offer personalized medicine and eventually cut costs.

Gaming: This industry is on the up, and so is the amount of data it collects. The developments within gaming have a relatively short life span, while user knowledge is very important. It means that the study of consumer behaviour data is essential for greater user satisfaction and the offering of personalized products. Travel: Travel is the industry that takes customer data for customized product offerings even further. Travel takes an in-depth view of the clients, and data analysis helps companies identify the most beneficial customers and cross-sell partner products.

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