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Blogging is a simple thing for some and hard for others. As we proceed to control and make use of bloggers day by day, we will continue to understand more features and causes of errors in it to correct them later. Well, this is what gathered us here, as I discuss the benefits of using a premium blogger template then using other types, which I will proceed to discuss further.

In a few years, back not everyone mind using templates that are premium all what they believe is to have good content without knowing that those blogger templates that they are using can cause them some errors in their blogging activities, later as time goes on, you as the person using that kind of template will start to experience some mistakes with Google search console,

Google search console is a site where you can 100% control your blogs. Yet you will start experiencing some errors after knowing that your contents are good enough, like the posts breadcrumbs, server, and redirect errors. These are all caused by using an old blogger template or those other templates that are not fully premium like the cloned versions.

In the premium blogger templates, if you are using it, there is no way out that you will face a breadcrumbs error when you use templates on your blog. In addition, premium blogger templates are gradually getting updated from time to time to make sure all mistakes don't happen or are solved.

Having a breadcrumbs error can cause your ranked content to be removed by the Google search engines. You see, this is a big problem, so I urge you to buy or use premium blogger templates in your new and old blogs.

Some Of The Benefits Of Using Premium Blogger Templates

Full Control

Suppose you are using a premium blogger template. In that case, you will have good friendly access to your template and full access to your blogger theme customization even without any further knowledge about knowing codes like changing your blog colours, fonts, designs, and more.

Fast Loading

Having a fast-loading experience happens mostly only on paid themes. It's hard for you to have the fastest free blogger templates; most of the codes are encrypted in almost all templates that are not premium. 

This is why it slows down your blog when you use such themes in your blogger blogs.

Premium Features

A template might come with more uncountable features that are purposely available made for premium users. If it's a free template, you can't have good access to the elements because most of the scripts inside the template codes were locked.

Post Shortcodes

These are small sets of codes that are used to add some features inside blog posts, and if you are a free template user, you could not have that option or allowed to use the Shortcodes because even you use them as long as the blogger template is a free type the features won't work for your blogs.

SEO Optimization

As it's known, most of the premium blogger templates are highly SEO ready because they do contain premium SEO packed meta tags in the template codes header, likewise in the free, there's no anything like this. You need to add it externally for the SEO to work in your blog. 

Footer Link Customization

Premium blogger templates give full control over altering the blogger templates footer links and customizing them the way you like. Why is it a free blogger template? If you try to do so, you can easily cause an error of redirections in your blog and easily affect your search appearance from any search engine.

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