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Software testing services should cover the areas of the testing process, methodology, process, and test competency examination with an established Testing Centre of Excellence ( TCoE ) which provides centralized testing services function across project teams.

Software testing holds on evolving day-to-day. It assures that a software/application is free of errors, glitches, or other bugs to suggest users an incredible experience.

Providing Software Testing Answers like test automation, performance testing, security testing, and functional Testing to the customers assists them to provide quality software developments.

Here are some kinds of Testing that can be executed on software:

Unit Testing 

  • It centres around the most miniature unit of software design. 
  • It consists of testing individual methods and functions of your software's classes, components, or modules.

Smoke Testing – 

  • Smoke tests are basic tests that contain the essential service of the application.

Integration Testing 

  • Integration tests check that different modules or services used by your application work agreeably concurrently.

Regression Testing

  • Every moment a new and fresh module is added leads to differences in the program. 
  • This kind of Testing guarantees that the entire component works properly even after adding features to the full schedule.

System Testing

  • This software is tested to function forfeiture for the different operating systems. 
  • It has security testing, performance testing, recovery testing, and stress testing.

User Acceptance Testing

  • Acceptance tests are formal tests conducted to check if a system fulfils its business needs. 
  • Clients require the entire application to be up and to operate and focus on replicating user behaviours. 
  • The customer acknowledges the software product when all the features and functionalities work as expected.

Stress testing

  • We give unfavourable conditions to the system and check how they perform in those conditions.

Performance Testing

  • Performance tests check the system's behaviours when it is under significant load. 
  • These tests are non-functional

Object-Oriented Testing

  • This Testing combines different testing procedures that help prevent and validate object-oriented software. 
  • This Testing is accomplished simultaneously:
    • Testing of Prerequisites
    • Design and Analysis of Testing
    • Testing of Code
    • Integration testing
    • System testing
    • User Testing

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