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what is MEGA.NZ  ?

Kim Dotcom is Mega is a cloud storage and file hosting service offered by Mega Limited Founded in 2013,this company based in Auckland, New Zealand and Operates system Microsoft Windows; macOS and Linux.
MEGA. nz’s base on outstanding two feature end-to-end encryption wwhich is protected by a unique root encryption key and second is authentication, this makes it very secure cloud storage service.
This means Everything uploaded to MEGA is encrypted and your team can work remotely FROM ANYWHERE without security issues no one can see your files not even Mega employees cant see what files you’ve uploaded. books Links for Courses

Ready For Download Book Courses Links For Free

1. Build Incredible Chatbots.[1.83GB] ->
2.PSD to Responsive HTML5 Beginner to Advanced [1.55GB]->
3. React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) [8.62GB]->
4.The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 [5.84GB]->
5.NgRx In Depth (Angular 7 and NgRx 7, with FREE E-Book) [2.68GB]->
6. Web Design with WordPress Everything from Beginning to End [570.2MB]->
7.SQL for Newbs Data Analysis for Beginners [506.6MB]->
8.The Complete Android N Developer Course [6.07GB]->
9.The Python Mega Course- Build 10 Real World Applications [3.26GB] ->
10. Python for Beginners with Examples [378.9MB]->
11.Python for Absolute Beginners [388.6MB] ->
12.Cisco Meraki Wireless setup from scratch [458.2MB]->
13.The Complete Java Developer Course Beginner To Expert [1.35GB] ->
14.JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp (2019) [8.24GB] ->
15. PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project [8.36GB] ->
16.Angular 7 Security Masterclass (with FREE E-Book) [1.27GB] ->
Download links :!WNABnYib!-i_PiK9RhDm3IE5lA9MBmgmega.nzMEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now

Free Links for books Courses

Computer Security!9O4iTLqL!pRdKNvaWwxbMmTtMfHsyOQ

Pluralsight CompTIA Project Plus!luQUUSRb!oa3xQzbuYQCIUB3shf-0ag


Computer Books!xSRxBAKJ!lx0DsesNYtujp7MnBDMNcQ


Informatic Security!ZSwxyJTT!y4i3XaKsB1heR1w9QVFVdg

Voice Distorters!xXgRjBIQ!YDxHktNZ8zDVtw5mHUXOBg


Linux 3 Courses!lLoUwQRC!9CF7VcWrDo57sKEe2RZhIA

Udemy – The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course!WnplkLTJ!F6F6kaowYuss_zrHUSzyTQ

Udemy – Tableau Expert Top Visualization Techniques in Tableau 10!ir5BiTJJ!KzU08UOnbK3YYLLmpq8gCA

Udemy – Essential Poker Math for No Limit HoldEm!OrgDGJTC!TDHKhBI4no8KxWv0SRACQQ

Udemy – MATLAB for the Absolute Beginner!qrBVhKgT!fYMkbHrQt9LaHqr7q4ZsbQ

Udemy – Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading!SaZXCQIQ!XcYh_mJXVhhyIrCSpKi5Awmega.nzMEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now

Find out more about MEGA Links Books Courses, both the good and the bad, in this full Courses review.


  • recovery key option you can reset your password if you forget.
  • privacy-oriented cloud storage services
  • very easy to use
  • It has a free tier
  • no security issues
  • extra 10GB free memory when you refer a friend
  • you can creat multiple Mega accounts to enjoy as many 50 GB as you can.
  • File Previews option
  • Media Playback facility
  • Productivity option for Mobile Apps
  • Deleted File Retention
  • File Link Sharing
  • Folder Sharing option
  • You can give Folder Permissions to other team members
  • Sync Any Folder insted of full account
  • WebDAV
  • EU Server Location for security
  • In-Transit Encryption
  • quick Email Support
  • data mobility. Available for iOS and Android.
  • Automatically backup photos and videos from your mobile device with Camera Uploads,


  • Mega delete files after 30 days
  • you have to pay for using more than 50GB from singel account.
  • it lacks the suite of apps you get from the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.
  • maximum file size is equal to available cloud drive space.
  • Link Download Limits
  • Bandwidth management
  • Support is not availabel 24/7
  • there is not Telephone Support
  • Free music Plan
  • bonuses storages last for 180 days.
  • Block-Level Sync

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