How to Setup VPN on Android Without Using any VPN Apps - Smashers Hub

⚜️ Android allows you to set up a VPN profile and connect with it manually without Installing any particular App

🔹Step 1: First, open your Android and head to Settings.

🔹Step 2: Validate the Connection & Sharing option on the Settings app.

🔹Step 3: The valve on the VPN is on the Connection & sharing screen.

🔹Step 4: The VPN runner will show you all available VPN options. However, if your phone has a devoted VPN app, it'll have appeared dedicated screen.

🔹Step 5: To add your VPN profile, valve the() button at the top-right corner.

🔹Step 6: You need to enter the name of your VPN, VPN Type, Server Address, and many other details. Enter all details and valve on the Save button.

🔹Step 7: After setting up a VPN profile on your Android, you need to tap on it to connect to the VPN Server.

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